& Counselling in kent

Psychotherapy and counselling in kent

Psychotherapy and counselling address the pain that arises, in many forms, from loss and separation, bereavement, neglect, isolation, abuse, exile, rejection.

Such experiences show themselves as depression, mania, disturbing dreams, difficulties at work or in the family resulting in stress, alienation, caution and defensiveness in relating with others, over-intellectualising, excessive anxiety and panic, anger or shyness; scapegoating; self-harming; the feeling of being mad and having little or no connection to others or to the world.

I bring an empathic and analytic attitude to working clinically with individuals and groups. I think that much of the repetitive and longstanding mental pain of people is deep-seated. Individuals require insight to help organise suffering rather than try to eliminate quickly everything that impinges on everyday living.

Group-analysis and psychotherapy seeks to replace tumultuous, overwhelming feelings and longstanding symptoms with personal insight and understanding which brings an increase in self-confidence and empathy. Group-analysis brings support for individuals in their suffering and after becoming a regular group member, an individual’s insight grows through feedback from other members and from group interactions, from the group’s reliability and from the opportunity to be in touch with and voice feelings that life has hitherto demanded must be suppressed.

Psychotherapy and counselling in kent

Group-analysis can be a powerful way of helping people change. It recognises that many personal problems arise in groups: in one’s past and present families, at work and in other similar situations.

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Psychotherapy and counselling in kent

The best option for those who are new to psychotherapy.
In a confidential setting the individual can speak of the distress and disorientation that is the predominant and pressing problem.

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Qualified and experienced in supervising individuals and groups in their workplaces. I have covered such situations as:

  • psychotherapy clinics,
  • group training courses;
  • NHS Clinical services;
  • alcohol services;
  • individual clinicians.

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