Group Analysis

group analysis psychotherapy in kent

Group analysis can be a powerful way of helping people change. It recognises that many personal problems arise in groups: in one’s past and present families, at work and in other similar situations. How we relate with others often exposes our shortcomings which may lead to a restricted life that feels narrow and repetitive, a cul-de-sac of living. The psychotherapy group meets in a setting where members,  seated in a circle, talk together in confidence in a supportive and exploratory atmosphere; you learn that others suffer in similar and contrasting ways, which in itself brings relief.

In the process of the meetings, where there are up to eight regular members, buried aspects of one’s self are regained and new ways of relating to others discovered. Strengths are developed and weaknesses understood. Problems are observed and worked with in vivo, in the here-and-now, as well as with the past.

The aim of group-analysis is change for the individual via

  • The uncovering & understanding of internal conflict, leading to
  • The development of personal insight and mindfulness, and
  • Improving relating with others at all levels and situations

Group-analysis provides a confidential forum where there are interpersonal explorations and opportunities for change that only a group can provide. Qualities such as personal insight, self-esteem, and social confidence can improve greatly for a wide range of contexts, from intimate to public spheres of life.

Group-analysis may help those who

  • Are demoralised, depressed, or isolated.
  • Have problems in their relationships.
  • Are ‘distant’ in personal relations or otherwise feel emotionally restricted.
  • Experience work-related stress.
  • Lack confidence and self -esteem.
  • Need help and understanding for trauma such as bereavement, loss, separation and abuse.
  • Struggle with guilt, shame, anger and frustration.
  • Feel indefinably ‘stuck’ in their lives.
  • Have found one-to-one psychotherapy in some ways unsatisfactory.



The therapist or conductor is by no means the sole commentator; all group members participate actively in their own psychotherapy. Members’ intuition and insight are quite as much valued as professional input. Members increase their ability to mentalise their understanding of their own behavior and how they relate with others.

Mix of

group analysis psychotherapy in kent

The mix of members produces diverse and fruitful interaction in a group that can sometimes mirror troublesome human situations. Members uncover self-defeating personal responses in the same setting in which alternative interactions can be tried. Developmental deficits are acknowledged and integrated.


Currently my fees are £27 per member for each group session of 90 minutes, and £50 per 50-minute individual session. Groups meet weekly in the evening in Canterbury.

I also offer one-to-one psychotherapy, clinical & workplace supervision (individual and group), and consultation to staff groups and organisations. Fees vary according to the situation.

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